NDT of Steel Tanks

This article addresses the NDT methods specified by the relevant standards; where, how and when they should be applied; and the basic technology involved. Tanks may be inspected during construction to gather baseline data or after a period of operation. The examination of tanks includes roofs, shells or walls and bottoms.

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“NDT of Welded Steel Tanks”
Copyright 2011 © The American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc.
Used here with permission from The NDT Technician.

About the Author

QualSpec senior technical adviser Ronald T. Nisbet is a 50-year veteran of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing. He has seen the development of many NDT methods, particularly ultrasonic testing, from their infancy and has contributed many technical innovations in their application.

Ron holds prestigious ASNT NDT and Central Certification Program (AACP) Professional Level III certification in magnetic particle (MT), liquid penetrant (PT) and ultrasonic (UT) testing.

Ron has been part of QualSpec legacy company IESCO in Torrance, Calif., since 1992. Before taking a position at IESCO, he served as president of Ronald Nisbet Associates for nearly 25 years. Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, Ron is a licensed Professional Engineer in Quality Engineering in the state of California; former president of the Society of Professional Engineers; and former coach of the USA men’s national rugby team.

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