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QualSpec is a leading industrial inspection firm headquartered in Houston with more than 1,000 employees across North America. We provide comprehensive inspection, nondestructive examination, rope access and advanced specialty services to industries ranging from petrochemical to manufacturing.

QualSpec was formed in 2012 when industry veterans All Tech Inspection, Hawk Rope Access, International Energy Services Company (IESCO) and T.C. Inspection joined forces to create one firm with an expanded geographic footprint and a broad portfolio of advanced service offerings.

QualSpec’s process-driven teams use both conventional and state-of-the art inspection methods, grounded in more than 50 years of real-world experience. Please visit the Our Services page for a listing of QualSpec’s services benefitting the petrochemical; power generation, renewable energy; chemical; marine; construction; fabrication; engineering; and machining industries. QualSpec has been a member of the American Petroleum Institute since May of 1993.

For 2012, QualSpec technicians working across a wide variety of enterprises have achieved a perfect 0.0 lost-time incident rate and a remarkable 0.13 recordable incident rate.

From ongoing training and enhanced safety procedures to comprehensive report analysis and technology innovation, QualSpec offers a collaborative environment to help customers confidently meet stringent compliance requirements and protect the integrity of their assets.

Quality, service and value: QualSpec adds it all up.

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